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This is my livelihood, and the FDA wants to rip it out from under…

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This is my livelihood, and the FDA wants to rip it out from under those of us who work in the Vitamin / Herb industry. Not fair! Please go, sign this petition here and let the Government know you don't want them to take your Vitamins away! Imagine, You can't take a multi-vitamin without your Doctor's consult!  I was reading, in a letter from Jarrow Formulas the President of the Company, Jarrow L. Rogovin wrote to The Honorable John Dingell about the statement that was released, "Supplements Are Killing People!"
Rogovin proceeds to explain why this is false. 
The reason this statement was made was due to the Ephedra's gross misuse a few years back. People only hear of supplements "killing people" is due to the media only reporting fatalities where people are taking supplements and misusing them! There is a story where an older man dies. The family of the man has his body embalmed and sent to the grave, and after a few weeks while cleaning his apartment find a bottle of the supplement Creatine. The son of the deceased man writes to the FDA asking for them to do an investigation into all Creatine supplements. He thinks that Creatine killed his father. Since he was already gone into the ground, there can't be any Toxicology reports done on his blood. The older man had other health problems that lended to his death, if not just old age catching up with him. No one could know for sure that he was taking the supplement properly! Was he mixing it with the drugs his Doctor perscribed? Was he taking the right doseage? No one knows! But it's recorded as supplements are "killing people".
I am outraged at people's ingroance! What sheep people are to the Media and Govenmet! They aren't helping us by mis-educating the public on supplements. If the public only took a bit of intrest in thier own health, instead of leaving it in the hands of Doctors, as they think they know best they would be better off. Think of all the side effects that drugs create in the body, such imbalaces create more damage in the body that is already under the weather. Ever hear those commercials on T.V.? The ones that state all the side effects of the new drug thats supposed to supress some natural fucntion of the body? Say you have high cholesterol, congratulations. Start eating right, damnit. This is your body's way of saying "Whoa guy, Slow down on the egg, bacon, cheese McCrap everyday!'  
By any means, I don't have the answers, only common sence. I do pride myself on using what I'm given, which is the God-given right to think for myself and do research. I am proud to say that I've been drug free for many years. Doctors have thier place. The test they provide are wonderful, but they are nothing more than a drug pusher on the street coner.

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