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And this Love is the force that uniteth things diverse,

for the contemplation in Light of their Oneness

6 June 1981
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I am a twenty five year old female, I reside with my husband-to-be, Shannon, in Charlotte North Carolina. In my spare time, I like to read books on religion, philosophy and health. I also enjoy gardening, and being in nature. It is my goal to be in harmony with myself and the space around me.
From a very young age I was drawn to The Path. I draw on my roots of the Wiccan path (my parents are out of the broom closet), to further my studies of Thelema and the Mysteries in general. I am thankful to the fact that Shannon and I are together, without his guidance I would certainly be a different person. I have had his presence in my life for almost sixteen years, most of which was a friendship. He is a man true to his word. For this fact, among many, many more I look to him as a Lover, Companion, And Teacher.
For him I once wrote:

This Cresent moon we stand upon
in the fertile garden of our gift
We have set in order a Lumonious Love
that will preserve us both.
Let us drop our shields so our Doves
may soar.
My heart knows, as does yours that
we planted the seeds long ago.
Under caring light and flowing water it
will safely grow.
The cosmos has blessed us, My Beloved.
May the Myrtals be as strong as our bond.
(06-28-05, 10:41am)

In day to day life, I work happily in the Vitamin department of a local health food store. I enjoy learning and imparting what I have learned. I love the open minded people I work with. My own mother and brother work there as well. I like to see them everyday, call me odd but I like my own family. :) My other interests are covered below.

Me;Reporting for duty
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